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Delicious Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free meals with Sugar-Free, Grain-Free, Nut-Free options. 

PaleoKeto-Friendly options.

Yesterday I prepared a fine meal for my family without much hassle! Ingredients were well organised, neatly packed & the instructions given were nicely presented. Cookit brought me everything that I needed for a great home meal, yet without skipping the fun of cooking!

Thanks Cookit for bringing joy to my quiet little kitchen 

- Laishan

The Cookit ingredients were delivered to my doorstep & the Cookit staff was very informative in telling me which ingredients had to be placed in the freezer. All the ingredients were packed into different packages & labelled accordingly. It was Super easy to follow the recipe instructions to cook the dish! It was my first time cooking a fish dish & it tasted fabulous! Kudos to the Cookit team!

- Xiaocong

The service has been excellent and the food delicious. I was amazed at how fast my sugar cravings went away. I've been exposed to foods I normally would not choose but really enjoyed. Lots of variety and very little repetition. It was an excellent experience and I'll be back again for another detox this year.

Leanne Fulcher

I was surprised with the variety. Everyday I looked forward to my 3 meals. My son enjoyed receiving the meals and informed me what will be my meals for the next day. Never once did I go hungry and craved for anything else.

Stuck to the meals and dropped 3kg in 28 days without going hungry and felt satisfied. 
Highly recommended if you want to start eating healthy and change your life.

‎Fenny Marie Lee