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Why are Our Meals & Recipes Packed with Nutrients?

Nutrients-dense ingredients with additional proven health benefits that can fight inflammation and reduce risk of diseases such as diabetes, cancers, etc

Healthier oil choices for your cooking needs

• Freshly spiralised noodlescauliflower rice and in-house blend of spices and sauces which are compliant and packed with goodness in order to tantalise your taste buds

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3-Day LIFESTYLE Programme

Once you have RESET your body & feeling awesome again, go on our 3-Day LIFESTYLE Programme to keep your diet in check while not missing out on your favourite food & social activities throughout the week!

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28-Day RESET Programme

Start yourself on our 28-Day RESET Programme to begin the food cleansing process & RESET your body. For best results, do this once or twice a year or when you have feasted sinfully during a festive period.

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Cook Service with a Social Purpose

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Sample Menu

Easy to cook Grain/Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Legume-Free, Lactose-Free, Paleolithic Diet meals.

Yesterday I prepared a fine meal for my family without much hassle! Ingredients were well organised, neatly packed & the instructions given were nicely presented. Cookit brought me everything that I needed for a great home meal, yet without skipping the fun of cooking!

Thanks Cookit for bringing joy to my quiet little kitchen 

- Laishan

The Cookit ingredients were delivered to my doorstep & the Cookit staff was very informative in telling me which ingredients had to be placed in the freezer. All the ingredients were packed into different packages & labelled accordingly. It was Super easy to follow the recipe instructions to cook the dish! It was my first time cooking a fish dish & it tasted fabulous! Kudos to the Cookit team!

- Xiaocong