In today's fast paced & hectic lifestyle, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart diseases, hypertension are common health issues. Although life expectancy has increased, we are experiencing ill health during old age. Without proper management, there is higher risk of stroke and heart failure.

Luckily, we live in an era of information abundance & many people understand that a healthy & sustainable diet plays a major role.

However, nothing is more frustrating than seeing your weight gain despite adopting a balance diet with low carbs, lean proteins & vegetables. While you are choosing your food wisely, the sauces & dips are thwarting your efforts to eat better.

Most of the sauces you use to cook your meals or drizzle over your salad are laden with carbs, sodium, sugar, fat & preservatives. You ruin your nutritious meal with these condiments unknowingly.

At Cookit SG, we have curated artisan sauces that are low in carbohydrates & calories with zero cholesterol, sugar, trans fat, MSG & no added preservatives.

Our sauces are also made of ingredients free from gluten, egg, nut & dairy with no pork or lard, suitable for those on strict diets such as Keto Diet, LCHF Diet, Low Carb Diet, Diabetes Diet, Plant Based/Vegan Diet.

Each of our sauce go through rigorous testing in the kitchen & ISO17025 accredited laboratory to ensure they are flavoursome & also shelf stable without adding any preservatives

Remember, eating healthy does not mean bland, tasteless food. Let our specially curated sauces spice up your healthy meals.