Benefits of a Paleo lifestyle


A change of lifestyle and eating habits can drastically improve our health and well-being. Here are some benefits of Paleo diet.

  1. Healthy Cells
  2. Healthy Brain
  3. More Muscle, Less Fat
  4. Better Gut Health
  5. Rich in vitamins & Minerals
  6. Limits Fructose
  7. Better Digestion and Absorption
  8. Less Allergies
  9. Reduce Inflammation 
  10. Increased Energy
  11. Weight Loss
  12. Increased Insulin Sensitivity
  13. Reduce Risk of Disease
  14. Shrink Those Fat Cells

Source: Paleo Diet Evolved

Our paleo meals are developed with stricter ingredients list to maximize benefits. Clients have reported 2-4kg lost in their first 2 weeks of our reset programme, eating 3 full nutrients rich meals a day.