Teriyaki Sauce

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Teriyaki Sauce is both savoury and versatile. You can use it for grilling, broiling or stir-frying. 

Our Teriyaki Sauce is made from ingredients with less net carbs, calories & sodium as compared to other Teriyaki Sauces.

Only less than 0.5g of net carb per serving.

👍Tips:  When using our Teriyaki sauce, simmer at low heat and stir frequently to allow the sauce to reduce to a thicker consistency for best result.  

Ingredients: water, non-GMO erythritol, onion, non-GMO soy beans, garlic, ginger, citric acid, pure xanthan gum

180ml per bottle. Sauces have to be refrigerated and consumed within 1 week after opening as our sauces are made without added preservatives.

This product is manufactured in a facility that may process products with allergens.

Teriyaki Salmon Zoodles
by Delishar

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☑ Low in Carbohydrates
☑ Cholesterol Free
☑ Sugar Free
Trans Fat Free
☑ Gluten Free
☑ Egg Free
☑ Nut Free
☑ Dairy Free


• Keto Diet/LCHF Diet
• Low Carb Diet
• Diabetes Diet
• Plant Based/Vegan Diet