Natural Medicine

Ketki Vinayachandra,

Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist

BscM(Hons), ND, ADN, Dip Nut (Aust)

I graduated with Honours in Marketing however my passion has always been in healing illnesses through natural medicine.

From the time I was 16 years old, I had health challenges and my entire teenage and adult life was filled with visits to doctors, medications and two laparoscopic surgeries for endometriosis—one of which ended up giving me even more severe pain than before surgery. The last straw was being rushed in an ambulance to A&E for asthma. 

At that time, I kept asking myself: Isn’t there a better way? Can I consume natural medicine instead of taking those drugs? I was determined to find holistic, natural solutions for my health challenges and, out of sheer desperation and frustration, decided to leave everything behind, and went to Sydney to study to be a Naturopath; so that I could heal myself and pursue my passion in helping to heal others through natural medicine.

So I trained in Sydney full time for four years as Naturopath, Nutritionist Herbalist and Iridologist. I am now registered with Naturopath & Herbalist Association of Australia (NHAA), with which I renew my licence every year. Since returning to Singapore in 2006, I’ve been treating clients’ health challenges and supporting them on their path of healing. My clinic, Natural Medicine, is located at Raffles Place in the heart of the CBD.  

As a Herbalist, I am trained in understanding how pharmaceutical medical drugs may interact with potential herbs or nutritional supplements when a patient is on both drugs and natural alternative medicine like herbal remedies or nutritional supplements. This is a very important area. If you currently receiving treatment elsewhere, I can work with your GP, other holistic health practitioners or, where relevant, refer you to one.

Empowering Communities & Corporates

I love to speak and have been frequently asked to share my expertise on local TV and Radio, as well as print media. Local Hospitals, Schools, Polytechnics, Banks and MNCs have also approached me to deliver talks and workshops on health issues. In 2011, I was voted one of 100 most inspiring real women in Singapore, by COZYCOT “100 MOST INSPIRING WOMEN CAMPAIGN 2011″ for International Women’s day.

As a health practitioner, I strongly believe that while we are focused on good education and making informed financial investments, we need to similarly invest wisely in our health. And the time starts NOW! While ageing is inevitable, diseases are not.

I believe nutritional counselling can help everyone. Without proper nutrition and healthy diet, healing is a challenge. The choices we make in terms of how we treat our body—the food we eat, stress and lifestyle we are exposed to—can either create healing or destructive results. Through Naturopathy, we can invest in our health—to live longer, with health and vitality to the end.