3-Day LIFESTYLE Programme

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Subscribe and maintain your lifestyle of a healthy diet by staying on course for 3 days of the week!

Meals are developed with nutrient rich food that will help reset your body, lose weight and start feeling great again!

Averaging at just 1300 calories per day, you can now eat hassle-free & guilt-free!


Programme includes: 

  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner for consecutive 3 days 
  • Free delivery
  • Hassle-free subscription for up to 4 weeks
  • Pause or change your delivery days by contacting us


Click and check out our weekly menus:

• Week 1  Week 2  Week 3  Week 4 

Our Meals


Some programme benefits:

  • Reduce allergies, hives & digestive distress
  • Control & manage cholesterol levels
  • Weight loss & flatter tummy
  • Better skin, stronger nails, brighter hair
  • Sleep better & reduce insomnia
  • Reduce anxiety & enjoy consistent energy throughout the day
  • Satisfy true hunger instead of emotional appetite
  • Savour good quality real food instead of dieting 
  • More invigorated workouts fuelled by real food 


Results may vary based on age, gender, genetics, health status, their commitment to the programme & other factors. Results are not guaranteed.

How It Works: 
  1. Choose your subscription duration
  2. Choose your serving size
  3. Pick your programme start date

    (Delivered daily between 4pm to 7pm for the duration of your subscription)

  4. Option to substitute beef with pork
  5. Checkout

We will deliver your meals daily between 4pm to 7pm for the duration of your subscription. Each delivery will come in eco-friendly microwave-safe boxes and cater meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 1 day.

For multiple weeks subscription, your meals will be delivered weekly on the same days you have chosen to start the programme with the corresponding menu of that week. 

You can pause/skip weeks or change delivery/menu choice by reaching us on our contact us page. 

    Please note that all changes must be made 3 days before delivery date.

      (Meals delivered daily between 4pm to 7pm for the duration of your subscription)